Activity Analytics for Miles Publishing

Enterprise Call Recording and Activity Analytics for Miles Publishing

In 2013, as part of a continual strategy to improve the effectiveness of his multi-discipline team, Miles Bossom approached Liquid Voice to provide an integrated call recording and business analytics solution to help improve visibility across the business.

The business analytics solution created by Liquid Voice collates call details, duration, application and internet access which can be cross referenced against group calendars, client contacts and planned activities. The system allows managers to create detailed cross referenced reports to help build an accurate overview of processes and activities.

Although comprehensive, Bossom is keen to point out that the solution is not ‘Big Brother’ as “…this type of information we have tried to manually collect in the past to allow for strategic planning, staff appraisal and to help with resource allocation and training,” explains the publisher, “Now, we have a much more efficient method of evaluating our business without having to waste time trawling through call, web and application logs and cross referencing them with diaries and contact lists.”

The solution has allowed Bossom to evaluate the effectiveness of different team members and explore ways of improving the efficiency of the overall business. “It is still early days for us using the new Liquid Voice platform but it is clear that from a business management prospective, it has given me and other senior managers a better understating of who is doing what and when across the company,” he explains, “The system is also flexible enough to allow us to add in additional data collection elements such as social media or even third party services as our needs evolve.”

From a technical standpoint, “The system has been flawless,” adds Bossom, “and the solution is meeting our expectations by giving us a great insight into our business which is essential for every success in these challenging economic times.”

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