Context is key – Incident Reconstruction For The Emergency Services

For the emergency services, making clear judgements in a short space of time can, in most cases, be a matter of life or death, and as a result having all the data and a clear understanding of context is vital.

‘Context’ simply means, the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood.

Without context, it’s impossible to make a clear judgement. In essence, without context, everything is guesswork.

Call recordings, CCTV, radio interactions all help to provide this context. They need to be clear, high quality, instantly accessible and captured securely to assist the emergency services in the line of duty.

These data points and recordings will be used to reconstruct incidents, trigger further actions in other emergency services departments, and assist in any ongoing investigations.

When it comes to call recordings and radio interactions, the emergency services need to trust the tools they are using. They need to trust that the data they are provided with is reliable, accurate and that the full context of the scenario is as clear as it can be. When dealing with public safety, the stakes are extremely high.

Having different recording solutions for phone, radio, and video, is not only inefficient, but prevents your team from quickly accessing key information across all channels to effectively respond. Through our experience of working with the emergency services, we have created connectors into the leading telephony, radio, video and command & control platforms. This enables incident response teams to have a single platform that can gather feeds from every communication channel and information source, and intelligently chain them together in real-time.

How Liquid Voice can help

Liquid Voice are specialists in interaction capture and analytics. We have extensive experience within public safety, in particular emergency services. We understand the unique challenges of operating command and control centres and have proven experience of delivering solutions that are dependable and easy to use.

Our solution is uniquely able to capture all the interactions and data points across a broad range of media and systems used within public safety. Teams can then use these data points to analyse and link together all of the information holistically to reconstruct every key event and incident.

We provide rich analytical capabilities that add considerable value for those organisations looking to identify links between incidents, understand trends, and drive procedural improvements or preventative actions. Over time, trends can be analysed, and remediation can be applied to problems. In the emergency service sector, this can save lives.

If you’d like to learn more about how our solutions could help you, we are more than happy to walk you through how we ensure the resilience of our solution and automate proactive monitoring.

We can also share some real-life stories for how we support high-availability solutions in major public safety operations.

Get in touch today, or read our best practice guide on incident reconstruction with interaction recording.