5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Call Recording Provider

When evaluating a call recording solution provider, there are several key factors to consider. Some are more important than others, but all are necessary tick boxes in the selection process. It’s like when you’re buying a car and you need it to be fast, spacious, and economical. Choosing a call recording provider is the same. You can choose the fastest, but it’ll likely have awful fuel consumption. You can choose the most spacious, but it will probably be really slow. What you need is a balance. You need the perfect call recording provider that ticks every box.

Here’s our rundown of the top five criteria to look for when selecting a call recording provider.

Compliance and Security 🔒

Whichever provider you choose, you must ensure that their solution adheres to relevant industry regulations and compliance standards, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), PCI DSS or other regional/national legislations. Try to look for a provider who prioritises data security, encryption, and the secure storage of recorded calls. The storage of legacy data is one of the leading ways companies break compliance criteria – don’t fall into the same trap!

An even more ideal call recording provider will have knowledge and experience of sector-specific legislations, so they can advise you on how to remain or get compliant, too.

Scalability and Flexibility 🌎

You should also consider the scalability of the solution, particularly if your organisation expects growth or has fluctuating call volume. You need a long-term partner that can easily accommodate your changing needs, on an annual, monthly, or weekly basis.

Additionally, assess the compatibility of the solution with your existing telephony infrastructure or call centre software. Consider the seamless integration capabilities of the call recording solution with other tools and platforms your organisation uses such as your customer relationship management systems, housing management systems, or call centre software.

Ideally, the solution provider would not only have the ability to integrate with your current platforms and infrastructure, but they’d also have experience integrating with them effectively.

Call Quality and Accuracy

A key element of the prospective provider is if their solution has the ability to capture high-quality audio and provide accurate transcriptions. Ideally, they would be able to help you set up processes and frameworks for ongoing quality assurance (QA).

Clear and intelligible recordings are essential for future reference, compliance purposes, and training. They make it easier for quality assessors to check how the interaction went from both a customer and agent side. Clear recordings also mean that any Freedom of Information (FoI) or legislative requests can be accurately actioned.

Look for a provider that offers advanced features like speech recognition and automatic transcription capabilities. These are clear signs that they prioritise recording quality – else these types of additional capabilities wouldn’t function.

It’s important that your full interaction environment is proactively monitored, polling each voice or video channel to check it is being captured accurately. Furthermore, analytical capabilities for the audio quality validation of each channel means that any potential issues can be flagged immediately.

This enables you to immediately identify issues with communication systems and end-user devices so that you can address these before they become detrimental to the service you are providing. A call recording provider that does this, is going above and beyond to make sure the quality of every interaction is excellent.

Search and Retrieval Capabilities 🔎

Evaluate the ease of searching and retrieving recorded calls within the solution. An effective call recording provider will offer robust search functionalities, such as keyword search, filtering options, and metadata tagging. These features will enable efficient call analysis, monitoring, and retrieval of specific interactions when needed to speed up your agents’ time searching for the necessary information and data.

An amazing call recording provider will also offer the ability to search through legacy systems too, once the data has had any sensitive information redacted. This builds your bank of call recordings and gives you more data for analysis, all while remaining compliant.

Interaction Analysis 📊

Interaction analytics provide valuable insights into customer interactions and help you optimise your interaction processes with more effective quality assurance and agent management. Look for providers that offer contextual analytical features to extract actionable insights from recorded calls, and piece them together. For example, monitoring and reviewing the type of call and pairing the relevant training materials with that customer service agent is great, but an even better method is giving the agent real-time access to a single pane of glass dashboard that displays historic context from legacy interactions with that customer, for the full context of their lifetime with the business. This allows for a personalised customer interaction, that improves CSAT by empowering the agent with better interaction data.

Find a call recording provider that can consolidate different data streams from different platforms or tools like Tableau and PowerBI into an omnichannel interaction view. With this level of analysis, customer service staff will always know exactly what to say to keep the customer happy.

By considering all the above five aspects, you can choose a call recording solution provider that supports you every step of the way to customer interaction success.

Liquid Voice – the perfect call recording solution provider?

Presumably, you’re reading this blog to determine which solution provider best fits your organisation. Well, beyond ticking the above five boxes, we have happy customers across UK and APAC, maintaining the title of No.1 Recording Provider in New Zealand, this year! So that tells you all you need to know about the flexibility of our solution and the depth of our industry knowledge. We integrate with housing management systems, contact centre software and other regularly used platforms, so our solution is easy to adopt.

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