Trustpower Case Study

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest case study with Trustpower.

Trustpower Limited is a diversified electricity generation and retailing company, listed on the New Zealand stock exchange and based in Mount Maunganui. It is the country’s fifth largest generator and the fourth largest electricity retailer (in customer numbers), serving 260,000 customers throughout New Zealand. Trustpower also provides other utilities including phone, internet and gas services.

Trustpower went to market with a comprehensive request for proposals, drawing interest from the market’s leading vendors. An initial shortlist of seven was narrowed down to two vendors, including Liquid Voice. “We had a reasonable level of detail in terms of the requirements from the various user audiences, as well as a ‘wish list’ of ideal features.”

Liquid Voice, she continues, stood out for several reasons. “We wanted a more ‘boutique’ vendor with which we could build a closer relationship, providing scope for influencing the product roadmap. We also wanted flexibility to meet the different needs of sales and support contact centres.”

“It also provided more options from the voice recording functionality which is important to the sales centre in support of coaching and training, such as work trays and dashboards, and the ability to import external recordings and apply speech analytics to them. The reporting functions were much easier to use than the previous system, with instant ‘report back’ capability from recorded calls,” Jenkins adds.

Following the execution of scripted demos by the final two vendors, Datacom’s Liquid Voice solution emerged as a clear winner.

View the full case study here