Assured Availability & Monitoring

Ensuring Every Interaction Is Captured & Compliant

Call Recording Assured Availability & Quality

For when every interaction must be captured and checked, we offer a range of options to ensure resilience of interaction recording and the quality of every voice and video channel being recorded.

We offer our solution as a high-availability platform and provide a set of tools that continually monitor the channels being recorded to ensure both availability and high quality.

Assured Availability for Voice & Video Recording

The architecture of our solution enables us to deliver the resilience required by your operation. We can replicate points of capture, replicate servers and also fully utilise the mirroring and replication capabilities of storage. This is designed to remove any single point of failure and ensure continuation of service.

We uniquely take this a step further by not just assuring availability, but also the quality of your interaction recording. With Liquid Voice Assured Availability your environment is proactively monitored, polling each voice or video channel to check it is being captured by our recording software. We then analyse the audio quality from each channel to validate this is acceptable and immediately flag any potential issues.

This level of proactive monitoring enables you to immediately identify issues with communication systems and end-user devices and for you to address these before they become detrimental to the service you are providing.


  • Fully Resilient Recording
  • Recording Replication
  • Quality of Service Monitoring


  • Fully Resilient Recording
  • Recording Replication
  • Quality of Service Monitoring
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The Benefits of Assured Availability

By leveraging Liquid Voice Assured Availability you gain the peace of mind of knowing that what needs to be recorded is recorded.

Ensure Compliance – by ensuring that you are capturing every interaction all of the time and that you will not experience downtime of your recording solution that leaves gaps in your compliance obligations.

Ensure Quality – not only in your voice and video interactions with customers but also when it comes to reviewing these interactions – making sure they are of the quality required to be of value.

Reduced Management Overhead – by automating the process of monitoring your environment and proactively ensuring availability and audio quality, we not only remove the manual burden of doing this but also reduce the pressure on your support team in reacting to issues.

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