Liquid Voice for Contact Centres

Enabling Compliant, Ethical Customer Experiences

Addressing The Challenges of Your Contact Centre

If your contact centre provides critical services to your customers or operates in a highly regulated industry, we understand your challenges. How do you deliver exceptional customer experience while ensuring that each interaction is consistent, ethical, and compliant?

We help you maximise the full benefits of recording customer interactions, proactively analyse these to drive quality, ensure best practices, and unlock the wealth of insights in each conversation that can help shape your future.

Invaluable Customer Insights

How do you truly understand the needs and preferences of your customers and spot trends in the way their behaviour is changing?

We help you to unlock the wealth of insights captured in every conversation whether that be over the telephone, text-based channels, or within self-service applications.

Our comprehensive suite of Interaction Analytics enables you to spot trends in customer needs, preferences, and their satisfaction with your customer experience. We allow you to drill down on these trends to understand the root cause and to action change that will drive efficiency, customer loyalty, and service differentiation.

Meet AILSA - from Liquid Voice)

Introducing AILSA 

Interaction analytics just got smarter for contact centres. 

With a little help from AILSA, our new AI-powered interaction analytics assistant, we can overlay the capabilities of AI with our speech and text analytics solution – empowering agents and enhancing customer experience with intelligent technology.

AILSA is an all-in-one AI tool that can give insights into professionalism, identify sales opportunities, automatically identify and explain process issues, and even give subjective feedback on what an agent could do better.

  • Automated Summaries & Sentiment 
  • Intelligent Interaction Analytics 
  • Integration with Industry-Leading Data Visualisation Tools
  • Accurate Voice Transcription 

Consistent, Ethical & Compliant Customer Experiences

Your goal is for every interaction to consistently deliver the best possible customer experience while also ensuring that you are operating ethically and in a compliant manner.

We help you do this through Interaction Analytics which is able to immediately alert supervisors when it looks like an agent is struggling, spot indicators of customer vulnerability or process non-compliance, and flag those interactions where we detect that a customer may not be happy.

We enable you to take a proactive approach to managing your contact centre operations, inspecting every element of interactions; automating quality management, managing compliance, and triggering alerts, actions, and workflows.

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Best Practice Guide: Contact Centre Recording

Take a look at our Best Practice Guide focused on how you ensure that every conversation with your customers is consistent, compliant, and delivers the best possible experience.

We explore the key challenges and outline what solutions can be utilised to deliver on your goals and required outcomes.

Meaningful Data from Liquid Voice)

Securing & Leveraging Legacy Data

Depending on your industry or internal policies, you are required to retain recordings of customer interactions for many years. These are likely to be sitting across multiple legacy platforms, in different formats, and consist of both voice and text-based interactions.

In addition to the cost and operational burden of managing these platforms, many of these recordings likely pre-date current legislation, and as such are unlikely to be compliant. They contain personal data that needs to be encrypted or redacted, and possibly even toxic data that needs to be identified and remediated.

We can help you to consolidate these recordings into a single repository, take remedial action to meet compliance, and ensure they are secure in order to protect your customers’ personal and sensitive data.

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