Interaction Analytics

Delivering Valuable Insights Into Every Conversation, Event & Transaction

Industry-Leading Analytics

We provide market-leading interaction analytics that enables our customers to inspect every conversation, event and interaction.

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Insights Across Every Platform 

By analysing every speech and text interaction, regardless of the platform it was recorded on, we are able to: 

  • Drive immediate action to alert on potential non-compliance. 
  • Identify the sentiment of interactions to pinpoint situations that require escalating. 
  • Observe stress levels and vulnerability through the content and context of interactions.
  • Deliver unique insights, spot trends, pinpoint issues, and identify areas of opportunity. 
  • Monitor and alert on emerging situations.

Introducing AILSA

Interaction analytics just got smarter. 

With a little help from AILSA, our new AI-powered interaction analytics assistant, we can overlay the capabilities of AI with our speech and text analytics solution – empowering agents and enhancing customer experience with intelligent technology. 

AILSA is an all-in-one AI tool that can give insights into professionalism, identify sales opportunities, automatically identify and explain process issues, and even give subjective feedback on what an agent could do better.

  • Automated Summaries & Sentiment 
  • Intelligent Interaction Analytics 
  • Integration with Industry-Leading Data Visualisation Tools
  • Accurate Voice Transcription 

Smart Voice & Data Analytics

At the heart of our analytics capability is the ability to transcribe both voice and video interactions. We leverage industry-leading natural language processing and neural network technology to transcribe speech to text with maximum accuracy.

Beyond this, by combining analytics and generative AI, we can understand the minutiae of each interaction with even more accuracy and competency than an experienced professional.


  • Speech Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Trend Analysis
  • Compliance Analytics
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Quality Management


  • Speech Analytics
  • Text Analytics
  • Trend Analysis
  • Compliance Analytics
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Quality Management
Assessing and Improving Quality of Service)

Assessing and Improving Quality of Service

When linked to our Quality Management suite, our powerful solution allows you to immediately assess the quality of service being delivered across all communication channels, including voice and text. With rich tagging from data feeds and transactional systems, this gives you a big-picture view of overall service quality.

  • Visualise your interaction data easily with visual flags
  • Validate and alert non-compliance, including indicators of customer vulnerability, dissatisfaction and call scripting.
  • Highlight agent stress, first-call resolution and missed sales opportunities more accurately than ever before.
  • Spot trends in customer behaviour, incident types, or changes in call drivers.
  • Over time, identify anomalies across interactions that individually would have been missed.
  • Connect areas of interest across multiple conversations or events.
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The Benefits

By applying smart Interaction Analytics to the areas that are important to our customers, we deliver significant benefits.

Minimise Risk
Interaction Analytics analyses every single interaction to ensure that it complies to your compliance obligations and best practices.

Reduce Churn
By pinpointing and flagging potential customer satisfaction issues, as well as identifying trends in customer behaviour and preferences, you can better align your service to customer needs and expectations.

Expedite Action
With instant interaction analysis and powerful process automation, you can instantly alert people that need to address issues with compliance, process or customer satisfaction.

Unlock Value
By analysing the big picture and gaining a holistic perspective of your operation, you can spot trends, identify performance issues and identify potential opportunities.

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