Case Study: Enabling Avanti Finance to to capture customer interactions

For Avanti, Liquid Voice’s analytics capabilities present significant opportunities to gain valuable insights into the interactions they are having with both end-customer and their channel partners.

Teams Call Recording – Best Practice Guide

Explore the options available to you for capturing, retaining and analysing voice and video calls within Microsoft Teams and the value delivered to your organisation by consolidating all interactions within a single repository.

Case Study: helping Imagine Cruising deliver the very best customer experience

Read how we're helping Imagine Cruising by leveraging speech transcription and interaction analytics, enabling them to gain a holistic perspective on customer experience and identify key trends in customer behaviour to focus marketing on areas of opportunity.


Enabling Exceptional, Consistent & Compliant Customer Experiences

If you are a contact centre that provides critical services to your customers, or operate in a highly regulated industry, your challenge is how you deliver exceptional customer experiences while ensuring that each interaction is consistent, ethical and compliant.

Empowering Public Safety Teams to be More Effective

In this best practice guide we look to address the challenges and opportunities in recording, categorising and analysing calls, radio transmissions and other data to deliver continuous operational improvement, and reliable evidence.

Interaction Capture and Analytics in Education & the Public Sector

Interaction capture, transcription and interaction analytics are opening up a world of opportunity across education and the private sector, reducing time spent notetaking and creating valuable referenceable data

This guide explores what is possible and the value it is delivering across all areas of the public sector.

Legacy Data Best Practice Guide

The following guide steps you through the key challenges businesses like yours are likely to be facing in managing legacy data.

It provides best practice guidance on how to consolidate, secure, manage and leverage your legacy interaction data.

Financial Compliance Best Practice Guide

How do you ensure that the business you do now is ethical, compliant and follows best practice without increasing the burden you place on traders and administrative teams?

It's challenges like these that we look to address in this best practice guide.