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Interaction Recording & Analytics for Government and the Public Sector

Omnichannel Interaction Recording for the Public Sector

We are helping organisations across the public sector, from central and local Government agencies to publicly owned transport and utilities, support their service users and improve customer experience.

We do this through speech-to-text transcription, contextual analytics, and mining of historic data to help them better understand the user experience, record important public meetings and courtroom events, and ensure that large quantities of personal data captured during interactions with the public are appropriately encrypted, tagged, and maintained.

Supporting Local Government & Social Housing)

Supporting Local Government & Social Housing

We ensure that every interaction that you have with your citizens is captured, whether that be over the telephone, by email, SMS, or utilising an online channel. This provides you with a single pane of glass onto these interactions and an accurate, auditable trail of the service you are providing.

We provide you with the ability to look inside every interaction and drill down onto the conversation. You can leverage this to automatically score agent performance and manage quality as well as being able to immediately flag areas of concern relating to satisfaction or potential indicators of vulnerability. Our solution enables you to accurately transcribe interactions into text in near real time. We are then able to apply smart analytics to identify trends in why citizens are contacting you, their preferences, and behaviours and utilise this to deliver valuable insights into how your services, processes, and procedures can be improved to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and value.

Best Practice guide for public sector call recording)

Best Practice Guide: Leveraging Interaction Capture & Analytics in The Public Sector

Take a look at our Best Practice Guide highlighting how we are helping educational establishments to leverage speech-to-text technology to add value to students.

Enabling Accessible Education

We allow schools, colleges, and universities to capture and transcribe every lecture or seminar and provide on-screen subtitles to complement the audio. This has proven to be invaluable in supporting hearing impaired and foreign students to gain value from teaching sessions.

By transcribing and smartly indexing voice and video-based content, we can complement live sessions with comprehensive learning notes and an intuitive way for students to search and replay relevant content.

As education adopts more remote learning practices we can add value by leveraging captured live and virtual learning sessions, transcribing these, and pushing students through the eLearning platform where teachers and lecturers can track engagement.

judges hammer)

Empowering Courtrooms and Interviews

We capture every word spoken in Courtroom and Interview Room scenarios and securely retain this as admissible evidence and an accurate log of proceedings. By being able to capture interactions from multiple sources, whether these be microphones or video cameras, a complete and unified picture can be kept. The ability to transcribe audio into text reduces the manual burden and instantly provides a written record, as well as enabling each recording to be accurately tagged based on its content.

Our approach is reducing administrative overheads in courtrooms while making information captured in interviews and court proceedings far more accessible to those who need it.

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Helping Healthcare Harness BI

With more and more interactions with medical practitioners now taking place over the telephone or by video, the ability to capture these consultations and retain them for the lifetime of the patient is essential. Having a single solution that is capable of capturing and unifying all patient interactions, whether they be in the consulting room, over the phone, or via video triage, enables far more efficient and effective digital health services.

By leveraging speech analytics, complete with a dictionary of medical terms, every captured interaction can be instantly transcribed into text, significantly reducing the burden on practitioners to write up notes and enabling these to be shared to create a far more connected care system. Through capturing and analysing patient consultations, it is also possible for healthcare providers to gain valuable insights into trends across their patients. Patterns across multiple patients can be identified that individually would be missed and such insights can help shape the future of healthcare.

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