Incident Capture, Reconstruction & Analysis

When an incident occurs, organisations need to quickly gain the full picture of what has happened and what is happening. Today, this data can come from many sources; calls from the public, radio interactions, video feeds, geo-location data, and the information captured in your command and control systems.

To streamline evidence capture and analysis, we have developed a comprehensive event reconstruction solution designed specifically for public safety organisations.

Liquid Voice Event Reconstruction to help you see the full picture

Visualise communications on a timeline alongside our map feature to show the geographical location of different communication endpoints.

How does our Event Reconstruction work?

Our solution allows public safety organisations to visualise omnichannel communications and events as a comprehensive timeline – whether these be voice recordings, videos, photographs or documents.

The system also includes a map feature to show the geographical location of different communication endpoints, enhancing the control room’s situational awareness.

Users and analysts can annotate the timeline with notes on individual data points or the overall event, aiding in clarity and detail. And with a variety of Permissions settings, all necessary stakeholders can be given control over the data, ensuring that all required perspectives are included.

With access to the event reconstruction being managed at a user level, data security and privacy can be maintained at all times.


  • Timeline visualisation
  • Supports many data types
  • Geographical map view
  • Timeline annotation
  • Secure access management


  • Timeline visualisation
  • Supports many data types
  • Geographical map view
  • Timeline annotation
  • Secure access management
Liquid Voice A Unified Platform)

Evidence is useful in more ways that one

Event reconstruction is critical for smart incident analysis and understanding the sequence of events in emergencies or public safety situations. And understanding the full context is the more important thing for public safety organisations. But our solution can also provide other advantageous opportunities.

  • Valuable in team training scenarios to provide real-life examples and enhance decision-making skills.
  • Useful in legal and compliance settings, offering detailed evidence for investigations or court cases.
Empowering Public Safety Teams to be More Effective)

Guide: Helping Public Safety teams to deliver Effective Incident Response through Interaction Analytics

In this best practice guide, we look to address the challenges and opportunities in recording, categorising and analysing calls, radio transmissions and other data to deliver continuous operational improvement, and reliable evidence.


The Benefits of Event Reconstruction)

The Benefits of Event Reconstruction

Event reconstruction is a powerful tool that offers a multitude of benefits, revolutionising the way public safety teams manage and respond to critical incidents.

AI-Powered Analytics – Utilise AI-driven chat functionality to quickly query events and extract insight from audio transcripts, saving valuable time, especially in high-pressure scenarios.

Improved Decision-Making – Access comprehensive event-related communications and data swiftly so that you can make informed decisions with a holistic view of the situation.

Smarter Evidence Collection – Collect and document evidence effectively, supporting investigations and legal proceedings.

Enhanced Situational Awareness – Gain a deeper understanding of events with a visual and chronological representation, understanding not just the content but the sequence and context.

Interested in an event reconstruction demo?

We recognise that each public safety team has a different set of unique challenges, and therefore we like to provide a bespoke demo to showcase how our event reconstruction solution will help you and your team.

If you are interested in seeing this solution in action, simply complete the form and one of our team will reach out to you to set this up.