Enabling Public Safety Teams to Effectively Respond to Incidents

Transforming Public Safety Recording

An effective response to a public safety incident is dependent on being able to quickly ascertain the full picture and being able to push critical information to those who need it to coordinate and manage a response.

Our experience in public safety spans the emergency services, transport, utilities and hazardous industries. We don’t just enable you to capture every interaction associated with an incident, but to use this to reconstruct events, perform real-time analysis and to push critical information to those who need it.

Empowering Highly Effective Incident Response

When an incident happens, your team needs to trust the tools they are using and be empowered with the information and visibility they need to deliver a highly effective response.

We help you capture the full picture. We record telephone calls, radio interactions, CCTV, vehicle and body cameras, GEO location feeds and the information being captured in your command and control room.

Our SmartEvidence solution is able to quickly analyse and link all of these component parts to provide the full picture. We are able to immediately chronologically reconstruct incidents and push these to your control room team and those in the field.

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Consolidating and Managing Historic Recordings

The nature of public safety means that the recordings associated with any incident are required to be retained for many years. It is highly likely that these recordings reside in many different systems, recording solutions for different channels and legacy platforms that you no longer operationally use.

We help you to simplify the retention of historic recordings by consolidating these into a unified secure repository. We create a single pane of glass onto your historic recordings, linking and indexing all of the component parts and enabling for chronological event reconstruction and this wealth of data to be analysed for trends.

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Public Safety Recording Best Practice

Our Best Practice Guide focused on how command and control centres should be capturing every aspect of an incident and using this to empower their people to deliver a highly effective response.

We explore the key challenges faced and outline what solutions can be utilised to deliver on your critical needs.

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Incident review & Operational Analytics

The fact that you need to record every interaction across your operation provides you with a great opportunity to use this to learn valuable lessons, continually refine and improve procedures and to train your people.

We enable you to reconstruct any incident from start to finish, not only providing you with admissible evidence, but to analyse how these incidents were dealt with and to understand what could have been done differently.

We provide you with the capability to analyse all events over time, to spot trends in the types of incidents you are dealing with and to use this to take preventative action and where possible, adjust practices and provide necessary training.

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We are helping many public safety operations to not only put in place a robust and comprehensive recording platform, but to leverage the capabilities of analytics to enable them to better respond and be more informed when responding to incidents.

We would be more than happy to share with you what is possible and how we can assist you in overcoming your key challenges and to maximise the capabilities of our technology.

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