Whether you’re capturing interactions over voice channels or video, Liquid Voice enables you to accurately transcribe these into text so that they can be shared, searched, analysed and actioned.

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Voice and Video Transcription

With cutting-edge natural language processing technologies, we automate the process of listening to voice or video conversations and transcribing every word. Our software then turns these files into text that is ready for analysis.

We leverage speech-to-text to analyse every interaction in near real-time, so you can understand the content, context and sentiment of every conversation and immediately spot areas of non-compliance, potential customer vulnerability or situations that need to be escalated.

Total Accuracy

With accuracy across many different languages, local dialects and industry-specific terminology, text becomes faster and easier to analyse – and simpler to categorise and store.

  • • Helps educational establishments caption presentations to assist hearing-impaired students or non-native English speakers.
  • • Enables courtrooms to transcribe proceedings and significantly reduce the overhead of manual transcription.
  • • Allows public safety incident rooms to quickly capture key information and push this to those who need it.


  • Speech to Text
  • Video to Text
  • Voice Transcription
  • Natural Language Processing


  • Speech to Text
  • Video to Text
  • Voice Transcription
  • Natural Language Processing
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AI-Powered Analytics

For improved insights into conversation context and sentiment, text documents can be plugged into our industry-leading speech and text interaction analytics tool.

And, with a little help from AILSA, our new AI-powered interaction analytics assistant, we can now overlay the power of AI onto our analytics solution – enhancing the capabilities with intelligent technology.

  • Automated Summaries & Sentiment
  • Intelligent Interaction Analytics
  • Next-Gen Data Visualisation
  • Accurate Voice Transcription
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The Benefits

Reduce Manual Burden
By automating the process, we reduce the cost and admin burden of manual transcription, while significantly improving accuracy.

Unlock Insights
By taking unstructured speech data and accurately transcribing this into structured text, you can leverage analytics to identify trends and unlock valuable insights from every conversation.

Improve Recording Tagging
By using the contents of each interaction to tag recordings, you can quickly find interactions that relate to a particular customer, transaction or specific issue.


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