Liquid Voice for Retail Financial Services

Enabling Quality and Compliance

Quality Monitoring for Retail Financial Services Organisations

Through our interaction recording and analytics solutions, we help banks, insurers, loaners, and others monitor the quality of their customer interactions – ensuring enhanced CSAT, full support for agents, and compliant interactions at all times. And with automated alerts when misconduct occurs, we can help teams avoid hefty fines.

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The Liquid Voice Difference

With a range of market-leading features, our interaction solutions set us apart from the crowd.

Our pioneering Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) can understand different languages, local dialects, and industry-specific terminology, making it faster and easier than ever to analyse interactions. With modular rather than bundled features, you can tailor our solution to suit your specific needs. What’s more, our legacy interaction management solution enables banks and insurance companies to unify older recordings into a ‘single pane of glass’ repository, so all data can be accessed, searched and recalled with ease.

Not only does our solution ensure that sensitive data is redacted, but it also identifies and remediates potential toxic data in line with GDPR and regulatory requirements from the FCA.

Assessing and Improving Quality of Service)

Our Value

With extensive experience across retail financial services, we’re the perfect partner for you. Our solutions can be tailored to your requirements, empowering you to optimise interaction capture and analytics across your organisation.


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Data Consolidation

Consumer data is key. Our solution ensures complete consistency when it comes to transcriptions so that when we consolidate Unified Communications and Contact Centre data, it’s easy to analyse and gain insights from the information.


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Rapid Analysis

Our transcription and analytics solution makes data analysis faster and more efficient, making it a popular choice for retail financial services organisations.


Misconduct Alerts

Our analytics solutions are designed to alert you when misconduct occurs, helping you stay compliant and avoid the risk of a hefty fine.

  • Inappropriate financial advice
  • Misleading or deceptive conduct
  • Breach of statutory obligations
  • Poor complaint handling

Looking to address your recording and compliance challenges?

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Quality Assurance

When it comes to quality assurance, we’ve got all your needs covered. With screen recording features, you can monitor demos and presentations to ensure best practices are being followed. What’s more, our solutions are fully compliant, so your customer service agents can take phone-based or video-call payments with confidence.


Agent Support

Our solution is designed to support agents so that when they need help, supervisors can step in. And, with AILSA – our new AI-powered interaction analytics assistant – we can use intelligent technology to identify support needs in near real-time through vulnerability detection.

Liquid Voice x The Ardonagh Group Case Study)

A Unified Platform for Ardonagh: Case Study

By having one central platform, all secure recording data can be viewed and analysed on Liquid Voice’s Single Pane of Glass dashboard. Discover how we helped Ardonagh achieve a unified approach to interaction recording.


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First Call Resolution

Liquid Voice’s quality management analytics help quality managers assess the number of first-call resolutions, enabling them to review CSAT levels.


Auto Tagging

Even if your CRM wasn’t used, we can use our CTI service to auto-tag call recordings, enabling you to add text summaries to the contact record.

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