Interaction & Voice Recording

Capturing Voice, Video & Text

Today, interactions take place over many different mediums. By capturing and unifying media across virtually every vendor platform, Liquid Voice uniquely enables you to securely and compliantly record every conversation across your organisation.

We can capture interactions across Voice, Video, Email, Webchat, Instant messaging & other mediums! Reach out to see how we can help you.

What interaction data can we capture?

We can record interactions and calls through any platform. In fact, we’ll go as far to say that we challenge you to bring us a platform to record in and extract data from. The likelihood is that we’ve already worked with it. And even if we haven’t, we’ll find a way.

Here are some of the common platforms we cover:

Our system can ingest data from a variety of platforms, either in siloes or consolidated to form our single pane of glass view. In case you were wondering, here are some of the platforms we can work with:

Amazon Connect, Five9, Genesys Cloud, Microsoft Teams, Mitel, NICE inContact, RingCentral, Zoom, Alcatel-Lucent, Avaya, Cisco, LG-Ericsson, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, Siemens (Unify), Harrison, Kenwood, Motorola, Omnitronics, Tait, Zetron, 8×8

Extensive experience, seamless integration

We combine years of interaction recording experience with the ability to seamlessly integrate into your operational systems. This enables us to not only capture the words spoken but also key data that is associated with the conversation.

Transaction data • Agent screen capture • Geo-tags • Radio or bodycams • Customer journey data


Compliant Voice, Video & Data Recording

The Liquid Voice recording platform is able to capture interactions across every platform you use, including those that are vendor-specific. And, if these platforms change over time, we can take this in our stride.

What’s more, our solution is designed with compliance in mind – ensuring that you are taking every step to protect your customer data, both past and present.


  • Voice Recording 
  • Video Recording 
  • Screen Capture 
  • Text-Based Recording 
  • Interaction Tagging


  • Voice Recording 
  • Video Recording 
  • Screen Capture 
  • Text-Based Recording 
  • Interaction Tagging
Liquid Voice A Unified Platform)

A Unified Platform

Our solution unifies all your communication channels into one platform, breaking down the silos and creating a single pane of glass onto every conversation.  

This enables you and your team to gain an end-to-end picture of each customer’s omnichannel experience – allowing public safety control rooms to reconstruct every element of an incident, financial trading firms to create a full chronological log of a trade process, and contact centres to visualise the omnichannel CX. 

It also allows you to fulfil your obligations under Personal Information legislation. With every call tagged and associated with a customer, we are able to quickly respond to Subject Access Requests and simplify the process of removing customer information under the customer’s right to be forgotten.

Liquid Voice x The Ardonagh Group Case Study)

Read how we helped The Ardonagh Group implement a unified platform

By having one central platform, all secure recording data can be viewed and analysed on Liquid Voice’s Single Pane of Glass dashboard.

Meaningful Data from Liquid Voice)

Meaningful Data

A vital part of creating a unified repository of recordings is accurately tagging each recording with meaningful data. This enables you to quickly and effectively search for the interactions you want to replay.

We do this by integrating with your key systems, many of which we already have connectors for. This allows us to tag each interaction with key data about the customer, the agent or operator, and the transaction, trade or incident.

The Benefits of Interaction Recording

Organisations of all shapes and sizes can gain significant benefits by recording interactions. The more comprehensive the scope of recording, the greater the benefit.

Reduce Risk

By capturing, reviewing and analysing every interaction, these can be analysed to ensure regulatory compliance and that best practice is being consistently followed. With the ability to replay interactions in full, disputes can be resolved faster and more accurately.

Improve Quality

By utilising recordings, organisations can establish both quality of work and customer experience. Real examples of conversations can be used to drive coaching of agents, traders and operators to continually improve quality.

Expedite Action

By leveraging process automation to analyse interactions immediately, organisations can instantly alert people who need to address issues with compliance, process or customer satisfaction.


Improve Operational Performance

By utilising recordings, businesses can ensure the right people have access to key information at the right time.

  • Those dealing with public safety incidents have access to captured voice and video. 
  • Compliance teams have near real-time access to the information on trades and transactions. 
  • Contact centre leaders can not only see what is happening but can drill down into the actual conversations.

Ensure Compliance

By inspecting every interaction recorded, our solution identifies personal and payment information that needs to be encrypted or redacted. It also unearths toxic data or information you no longer have the right to retain and ensures that this is securely removed.

Got a Specific Requirement You Want to Discuss?

We’d love to discuss your specific recording requirements – and how we’ve helped organisations across all industries to record omnichannel interactions. 

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