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Empowering Compassionate Support for Vulnerable Customers with Data and Insight

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The role and complexity of interactions is evolving at a rapid pace: agents are not only more likely to be geographically dispersed but also working across any number of channels; voice, webchat, email, social, and more.

This can cause compliance and quality challenges when it comes to delivering a consistently exceptional service.

At Liquid Voice, we help organisations like yours understand what’s really happening across all your interactions, capturing and analysing data ranging from call and live chat interactions through to body-worn camera footage and geographical data. This means you’re able to immediately identify anomalies, risks, or staff knowledge gaps.

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We are innovators. At the core of our solutions is a set of smart analytical capabilities that enable our customers to inspect, understand and analyse every interaction they are having. Don’t think micro – think macro.

Omnichannel Interaction Recording

We not only capture the words spoken but also key data that is associated with every conversation.


  • Voice Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Screen Capture
  • Text-Based Recording
  • Interaction Tagging

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Smart Interaction

Inspect every conversation, event, and transaction, with market-leading interaction analytics.


  • Speech & Text Analytics
  • Trend Analysis
  • Compliance Analytics
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Quality Management

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Legacy Interaction Management

Consolidate legacy recordings into a unified repository, redacting sensitive data and maintaining compliance.


  • Legacy Recording Consolidation
  • Sensitive Data Redaction
  • Toxic Data Remediation
  • Recording Encryption & Tagging
  • Search & Replay

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AI-Powered Interaction Assistance

We created AILSA to empower agents and enhance CX through intelligent interaction analytics.


  • Automated Summaries
  • Sentiment Monitoring
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Voice Transcription
  • Data Visualisation

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“We’ve worked together with Liquid Voice on several landmark deals where they have been a pivotal part of the Solution we have together been able to provide to existing and new Customers. They are a genuinely integrated part of the RingCentral team. We only see the partnership strengthening.”

Niall Carter, Head of Account Management, RingCentral


We work with organisations across sectors to ensure they provide a consistently exceptional omnichannel CX, and ensure that service is fully compliant with internal and regulatory standards. We do this through:

Why Liquid Voice?)

Why Liquid Voice?

At Liquid Voice, we see our value as simplifying the complex. With many years of experience, we understand the operational challenges faced by contact centres and control rooms. This knowledge has shaped our technology solutions to deliver the insights, structure and performance that you need to level up your CX.

Our smart interaction analytics platform enables you to capture every element of every conversation, transation, or incident, providing you with the full perspective. We then provide you with the appropriate applications from our suite to address your specific needs, whether that be to monitor compliance, more effectively manage incidents, identify staff training opportunities, or analyse trends.

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