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Call Recording For Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has rapidly become the collaboration platform of choice for organisations large and small. Not only does it enable internal teams to collaborate, but through its ability to seamlessly connect with the telephone network, it is fast becoming the de-facto corporate communication platform supporting both Unified Communications and Contact Centres.

We make it possible for organisations to record Microsoft Teams Calls and Meetings. Our connector into MS Teams enables you to record both voice and video across internal and external calls and MS Teams meetings.

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Voice & Video Recording Within MS Teams

With our seamless Microsoft Teams connector, we allow you to record every internal and external voice or video call. These recordings are then retained in a single repository that can exist in our private cloud, or your own cloud or on-premises storage. This means we are able to capture interactions across every platform you use and what’s more, if these platforms change over time, we are able to take this in our stride and adapt accordingly.

Whether you are using Microsoft Teams as your main communications platform or as an internal tool to support customer facing teams, SmartExperience and SmartCompliance for Microsoft Teams enables you to capture interactions across all of your platforms including MS Teams.

For those organisations that have a regulatory need to record, we provide you with the ability to capture every conversation related to a transaction, tag these to simplify search, and link different interactions together to provide an end-to-end recording.

For those operating contact centres or with customer facing teams, we provide you with a comprehensive recording and analytics solution for MS Teams. We simultaneously capture your customer conversations along with the agent’s screen and to transcribe and analyse interactions in real-time. This enables quality management, agent performance management and identification of trends across all customer experiences.

Whether we are recording solely within MS Teams or combining this with recordings from your specialist contact centre platform, we are able to provide you with a single solution that captures interactions in a secure manner. For those calls involving payment details, it’s also fully PCI-DSS compliant.


  • Voice & Video Recording
  • Compliance Analytics
  • Quality Management
  • PCI-DSS Compliant
  • Speech Analytics


  • Voice & Video Recording
  • Compliance Analytics
  • Quality Management
  • PCI-DSS Compliant
  • Speech Analytics
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Best Practice Guide: Leveraging Interaction Recording & Analytics With Microsoft Teams

Our Best Practice Guide outlines the need to record interactions taking place within Microsoft Teams and outlines the options and best practice available to you.


The Benefits of Microsoft Teams Recording

As organisations begin to leverage Microsoft Teams to interact with customers and to support customer facing teams, there are significant benefits of utilising Liquid Voice to capture these interactions.

Reduce Risk – by ensuring that every interaction relating to a transaction is captured, tagged and linked in order to fully comply to regulations. Also, through tools to monitor interactions in real-time ensure that every conversation is compliant, ethical and you have the ability to identify indicators of customer vulnerability or customer churn.

Drive Efficiencies – by understanding the end-to-end customer journey and being able to manage both the quality of customer interactions and the performance of agents.

Deliver Value – by unlocking a wealth of insights and trend analysis that can positively impact not only operational performance but also the experiences that you are delivering for your customers.

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