Addressing the Challenges of Call Recording in the Cloud

LiquidVoice and our Partners, RingCentral recently hosted an insightful webinar exploring how to overcome the challenges of call recording in cloud-based telephony.

Watch the recording of the webinar below:

If you’d like to get started…

All of our applications are available as highly resilient and flexible cloud services and consumed on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Standard Cloud Service

For those organisations who want to quickly take advantage of the range of Liquid Voice applications, these are all available as a standard cloud service. We work with you to determine the solution components you require and provision these for your organisations in our cloud environment providing you with the ability to expand and scale as your requirements change.

Private Cloud Service

We also offer our applications as a private instance in our cloud. This enables for you to consume your own version of our software as a cloud service that can be fully tailored, managed and secured to meet your specific requirements.

High-Availability Service

For operations where it is critical that your interaction capture and analytics solution is always available, we provide a fully resilient option that ensures no single point of failure in your solution with architectural redundancy and replication across our cloud environment.

Learn more about our Cloud-Based Call Recording solutions here.