#1 Dubber Alternative for Cloud-Call Recording.

Liquid Voice and Dubber both offer great cloud call recording solutions. Here, we compare their features to assist you in making an informed choice.

Liquid Voice Key Features:</h3

Omnichannel interaction recording, analytics, and compliance monitoring for accurate communication capture and analysis.

Feature Category Features
Call Recording Voice, Video, Screen, Text, SMS, Email
Analytics Speech, Text, Trend, Compliance
Legacy Recording Management
Compliance Monitoring
Transcription Voice & Video
Unified Communication
Interaction Tagging
Recording Encryption
Vulnerability Detection
Search & Replay

Dubber Key Features:

Unified cloud call recording with voice AI to enhance customer experience and productivity through real-time insights.

Feature Category Features
Call Recording Voice, Video, Chat, SMS, Text
Proactive Compliance Real-time Surveillance
Customer Experience Sentiment Analysis
Productivity Enhancement Automated Transcriptions
Cloud-based Scalability
Unified Communication
Real-time Search
Measure Sentiment
Custom Notifications

Omnichannel Interaction Recording

We not only capture the words spoken, but also key data that is associated with every conversation.


  • Voice Recording
  • Video Recording
  • Screen Capture
  • Text-Based Recording
  • Interaction Tagging

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Speech and Text

Inspect every conversation, event, and transaction, with market-leading interaction analytics.


  • Speech & Text Analytics
  • Trend Analysis
  • Compliance Analytics
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Quality Management

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Cloud Communications

Cloud-delivered Voice, Video, and Unified Communications to boost team collaboration and customer engagement


  • Cloud Telephony
  • Video Collaboration
  • Presence
  • Messaging
  • Content Sharing

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Interaction & Compliance Consultancy

We combine deep-routed technical expertise and experience in interaction capture, compliance and analytics.


  • See More
  • Hear More
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Risk
  • Deliver Value

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Why Choose Liquid Voice

Liquid Voice’s cloud call recording stands out for its robust compliance monitoring and flexible recording options, enhanced by powerful analytical tools for comprehensive insights.

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