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The contact centre has changed irreversibly.

The last 15 months have transformed contact centres. Agents have seen the benefits of working from home and many will expect flexible working going forwards; We’ve seen an acceleration in channel shift as more customers have become used to online and phone-based transactions, and we’ve seen rapid changes in technology to accommodate these.

In this environment, any weakness in your telephony platform soon becomes a major challenge, and we’ve seen a number of businesses suffer significant operational and reputational  damage thanks to the inflexibility of  their legacy platforms.

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A World-Class partnership

To help our customers navigate the new operating environment in which many of them find themselves, Liquid Voice have partnered with Ring Central, a global leader in Cloud Contact Centre solutions to deliver a best-in-class cloud telephony platform that brings all the operational flexibility, required for hybrid working models, and multi-channel customer communications.

Add in our unique capabilities in migrating and securing legacy data, ensuring compliance, and enabling deep recording and analytics capabilities, and we’re able to offer a cloud communications platform that’s not just fit for the ‘new way of working’ but for any changes to operating environments in future.

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Contact Centre Best Practice Guide

Take a look at our Best Practice Guide focused on how you ensure that every conversation with your customers is consistent, compliant and delivers the best possible experience.

We explore the key challenges and outline what solutions can be utilised to deliver on your goals and required outcomes.

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Visibility and Compliance

Often it’s tough to understand this unstructured data, and your regulatory obligations related to it. We use our tools & process automation to access your legacy recordings and consolidate these on a single platform with a single ‘indexed’ pane of glass.

We inspect each element of data  and then process it data to ensure compliance, redacting sensitive information, remediating toxic data and encrypting to secure.

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Stay compliant, improve customer experience

We enable you to capture every type of interaction whether that be voice, email, text, chat or even self-service transactions. By transcribing voice into text, we index your interactions and tag with meaningful data to optimise search and replay.

Through Interaction Analytics, we are able to automate quality management, reviewing 100% of interactions. We validate interactions against your compliance and best practice rules, as well as identifying potential cases of customer vulnerability or concerns over customer satisfaction.

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