Empowering Compassionate Support for Vulnerable Customers with Data and Insight

The current economic climate has severely impacted vulnerable customers. In essence, those who are considered vulnerable have become more vulnerable, and worse, more people are now considered vulnerable.

This has directly impacted customer-facing teams with surges in interactions to manage and resolve. Whether this be struggling customers seeking financial or emotional support, technical or administrative advice, emergency help or just someone to talk to – there has been a stark increase in vulnerability. For businesses, this means additional training for customer service representatives (CSRs) on handling distressed callers, increased staffing demands, and most drastically an emotional toll on frontline staff. Legacy systems and data silos also prevent a complete view of the customer’s situation and history across channels.

How can this be solved?

Our latest free infographic explains:

  • Why having a consistent and streamlined omnichannel interaction experience for vulnerable customers is key to supporting them through a difficult time.
  • How to save an estimated 25% of call handling time by automating call summaries, unlocking more time for customer analysis.
  • That AILSA proactively alerts managers when call handlers appear stressed, so they can provide the necessary employee support and training.