Liquid Voice Partners with RingCentral to Deliver Seamless Cloud Telephony Recording

We are pleased to share with you a key partnership that Liquid Voice has established with RingCentral to not only deliver our full range of Interaction Recording & Analytics solutions to those utilising RingCentral cloud telephony, but to enable us to offer our customers RingCentral’s communication and contact centre solutions.

“The pandemic has made a lot of organisations look at how they build greater flexibility into their communication platforms to support home workers and virtualised teams and cloud telephony is a key solution for this” commented Chris Burden, Executive Director, Liquid Voice. “For organisations who are required, or want to record calls, this is often seen as an insurmountable challenge in moving to cloud telephony and this is what we looked to solve through our partnership with RingCentral.”

Liquid Voice have fully integrated their complete range of capabilities into the RingCentral solution including call and interaction recording, call transcription and analytics, real-time compliance, and quality monitoring. This enables any organisation who adopts RingCentral cloud telephony to put in place a comprehensive recording solution to ensure compliance or drive quality and best practice across customer-facing teams.

The flexibility of Liquid Voice is making it easy for organisations to migrate to the cloud. As a cloud-based solution it can be quickly provisioned and connected to the RingCentral platform. Customers then have the flexibility of where they store recordings, either in the secure Liquid Voice cloud or leveraging their own cloud or on-premises storage.

We are also helping organisations to overcome the challenge of historic recordings that often require them to maintain expensive legacy recording platforms. With the ability to ingest and secure these recordings into a unified repository, we enable you to create a single pane of glass onto your historic recordings and remove the need to maintain legacy platforms. What is more, we enable you to ensure that legacy recordings are compliant with current privacy legislation by redacting sensitive data and removing toxic data.

“This is a key partnership for Liquid Voice” commented Chris Berry, Managing Director, Liquid Voice, “Not only does it provide a seamless recording solution for those utilising RingCentral, but it also provides us with the ability to offer market-leading UCaaS and CCaaS solutions to those of our customers who are looking to migrate their telephony to the cloud.”

“We are delighted to be working with Liquid Voice”, said Nathan Stuart, Partner Program Manager, RingCentral. “They are experts in their field and offer significant value to those organisations looking to maximise the value of call recording within their RingCentral solution.”

If you are interested in learning more about Liquid Voice and how we seamlessly integrate into RingCentral, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 200 2020 or email us at