RingCentral and Liquid Voice: Revolutionising Interaction Analytics

For some time now, data has been viewed as one of the most precious commodities around and, increasingly, it is the defining factor in business strategy and decision-making around customer communications.

As organisations strive to optimise consumer engagement, understanding the full context behind interactions is heralded as the future of the customer experience, offering unrivalled insights, data-driven analytics and visibility.

At Liquid Voice, we’re proud to announce that we’ve joined forces with RingCentral, the leading UCaaS and CCaaS provider, to deliver a seamlessly integrated next-generation interaction recording and analytics platform.

“This exciting new strategic partnership with RingCentral is ratification of several years of work where we have seen significant mutual wins across a broad range of sectors for customers wishing to consolidate voice recording data into our Single Pane of Glass solution.”

– Chris Berry, Managing Director, Liquid Voice


A partnership for global enterprises

As businesses expand their global reach and adopt a cloud-first approach, it’s no surprise that demand for comprehensive and centralised interaction recording management is growing. Liquid Voice seamlessly integrates with RingCentral MVP, RingCentral Contact Centre and RingCX, providing organisations with an enterprise-wide solution that helps to smooth the transition from existing and legacy systems to homogenise their interaction recording management.

Using a ‘single pane of glass’ to view and analyse all recording interactions, RingCentral and Liquid Voice’s collaborative solution is designed to simplify the typically disparate nature of enterprise communications. The platform enables businesses to harness the full potential of their entire organisation’s communication data, offering interaction archival that works across RingCentral’s market-leading cloud architecture as well as any other legacy systems that businesses may have in place.


The power of an omnichannel approach

It’s not just centralised management that organisations are hankering after. Companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement retain 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for those with a more limited approach. But to offer fully rounded insights, this disparate data needs to be standardised.

Liquid Voice and RingCentral’s solution allows voice and text interaction recordings to be consolidated from all communication channels, storing them in a uniform format that makes information retrieval easier than ever. By unifying current and future interactions with those imported from legacy archives, businesses can use a centralised analytics dashboard to gain clarity and actionable insights from data across all channels.

With a holistic view of their full customer engagement history, businesses are empowered to:

  • Assess the quality of service being delivered
  • Flag customer satisfaction issues to relevant teams
  • Identify repeated indicators of customer vulnerability
  • Take mitigating action to prevent customer loss
  • Boost trust and loyalty
  • Validate regulatory compliance
  • Ultimately improve sales and retention


Value-added features

The Liquid Voice solution utilises the leading natural language processing technologies to automate listening to conversations and to transcribe every word spoken, accurately. We are able to do this with exceptionally low WER (Word Error Rate) across many different languages, local dialects and leverage dictionaries of customer/industry-specific terminology.

Other integrated call recording features such as automated pause and resume functionality ensures sensitive card details are never recorded, keeping customer details safe from any potential data breach. And, if the worst does happen, fast-response measures are only a click away. The platform is designed to organise omnichannel interactions into chronological order, empowering response teams to act when disaster strikes.

These additional features enable businesses to quickly identify trends, investigate areas of concern, and put preventative measures in place to protect vital data, and unlock better visibility and understanding of the full interaction context.


Supercharged cybersecurity

As cyber-attacks become increasingly sophisticated, it’s never been more important to keep sensitive data safe. Maintaining a legacy system that does not offer comprehensive and modern approaches to encryption, data segregation and overall security places an organisation at huge risk. At Liquid Voice, we have learned lessons from others’ practices. This has helped shape our own encryption and security approach and led us to develop market-leading sophistication in terms of data storage and encryption.

Liquid Voice and RingCentral are giving the power back to businesses – offering cyber-secure interaction recording solutions that simplify data management, ensure adherence to the strictest regulatory policies and mitigate against risk.


The environmental upside

Localised hardware is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, as businesses transition away from bulky and inefficient infrastructure towards adopting more eco-friendly, cost-effective cloud models. Viewing solutions as a technology to be leveraged, rather than an investment to be owned, enables organisations to embrace an ongoing commitment to sustainability and reutilise or reduce valuable office space.

With Liquid Voice and RingCentral’s help, this transition removes the last piece in the cloud jigsaw -reducing support costs and minimising energy consumption – sometimes even closing down the datacentre or colocation environment entirely.


A future-fit solution

Liquid Voice and RingCentral’s partnership bolsters back office and contact centre solutions with unparalleled communication archival and compliance management. This partnership guarantees not only secure archiving of communication data, but also empowers businesses to leverage the full capability of it – both current and historical – to achieve meaningful and impactful results.

“As part of the new agreement, RingCentral have negotiated a unique package of technology which optimises contact centre productivity, and drives improved customer experience, within a highly secure and compliant omnichannel ecosystem.

RingCentral has built a team as impressive as its platform and we’ve found the dynamic, collaborative and open style of working to be incredibly refreshing, finding ourselves friends as well as trusted partners. We are looking forward to solving more customer problems together.”

– Chris Burden, CEO, Liquid Voice

Find out more about the partnership and what you can gain from it by clicking here.