Benefits of Adopting Advanced Regulatory Compliance Analytics

Financial Markets organisations are under growing pressure, across a myriad of fronts. Subsequently, there are significant benefits and reasons for these organisations to be using analytics in today’s world of regulatory reform and big data.

As we’ve mentioned already, regulatory pressure burdens organisations with significant price and cost to remain compliant, and fines and brand impact applies if they fail to do so.

However, traditional business lines and margins are also being squeezed and threatened by a number of considerable challenges. Current challenges include, but aren’t limited to;

  • Rapidly evolving regulatory reform and uncertainty
  • Increasing investment requirement into risk mitigation change, process, technology and people.
  • Adapting to regulatory change without losing focus on running the business
  • Managing data security
  • Low interest rates and margin erosion
  • Slowing global growth and increased competition from smaller, nimbler technology driven businesses
  • Impact of cloud and building strategies for migration that’s safe, calculated and secure

Here at Liquid Voice we help customers to utilise data, with a proven, logical approach broken down into four simple stages:

  • Capture
  • Analyse 
  • Apply automation 
  • Action 

All financial organisations, due to compliance regulations, are required to record phone calls between their teams, customers and partners. However, the challenge in stopping there, is the data within these recordings is somewhat meaningless without the ability to mine the data and;

  1. Use it in generally meaningful ways
  2. Find important information quickly
  3. Use it to intercept potential fraudulent activity
  4. Use it to identify ways to increase customer retention and acquisition
  5. Use it to enhance agent performance and coaching

We’re now at the forefront of helping customers to move beyond simple capture and recording of data. Using advanced tools built into the core of our technology, such as natural language processing, transcription, machine learning and AI, we deliver solutions that integrate into, and enhance existing customer workflows.

The net result for customers is a unique tool set that works with their teams and process, to provide advantages across not only compliance, but also customer service. 

No matter what channel the organisation communicates across.

In a typical bank today for example, multi-channel communication is prevalent so it’s no longer simple telephony that needs to be captured and analysed. Users communicate across trader turrets such as IPC Unigy, BT and Speakerbus as well as their traditional Cisco, Avaya or cloud telephony.

Further adding to the challenge, is IM across Bloomberg and Reuters, calls and messages on mobiles, contracts and fielded enquiries on email as well as silo’d data on disparate or legacy voice recording databases.

These are challenges, yet they also represent opportunity.


Using market leading transcription technology, fully integrated into the platform, every interaction can be captured, transcribed, stored and analysed in the database.

This allows the solution to actively monitor interactions in real-time to identify opportunity as well as risk event triggers.

Apply automation 

Using tools such as sentiment, rules based triggers and machine learning, events of interest can quickly be recognised as soon as a call or interaction finishes, creating event triggered workflow based on predetermined automation process presets.

It’s almost like having a dedicated team of compliance and customer experience professionals, sitting across all calls and raising flags immediately when an event of interest occurs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to discover a breach or opportunity now, rather than down the track from the regulator, preventing brand and opportunity protection.


By having these events flowing automatically through to teams who can take decisive action, with automated and immediate workflow in place, compliance and customer service teams have a wonderful opportunity to act immediately, once an event occurs. 

Events can be delivered immediately to individuals or groups, via a number of methods included dashboards, email and messaging.

Furthermore, via smart APIs, data can be fed into downstream applications such as CRM’s and third party analytics and reporting tools.

Our customers are realising increased benefits in areas such as fraud detection, reducing market risks, optimising marketing campaigns, improving business operations and reducing customer churn.

With Liquid Voice powering systems your systems, we know we can provide richer and immediate insights into what is going on across your business as well as how you are engaging with your customers.