The Power of Analytics

There are lots of reasons for businesses to be using analytics in today’s world of big data.

Here at Liquid Voice we like to break it down into four simple words:

  • Remediate
  • Enhance
  • Innovate, and 
  • Disrupt

If you consider that an average 500-seat contact centre typically generates somewhere between 3 and 7.2 billion words of text data per year, it is no wonder that there is sometimes a challenge to analyse this kind of volume of data. Honestly, ask yourself who really wants to trudge through this data swamp or even try to tread the water in these data lakes?

What we believe is making a difference to businesses today is having the technology that can accurately convert high volumes of interactions into text data with ease. 


Applying speech analytics for example to the performance and quality of call centre staff can garner great results in a relatively short space of time. It can speed up the process and allow managers and coaches to have meaningful conversations and work with individuals or the team in specific areas of development.


By having data that allows you to continuously see and understand where your business processes are failing your customers is key, especially if you are looking to enhance your business and reduce costs. Having the power to track contact reasons, demand spikes, complaints, emotion is extremely powerful, opening up a world of possibilities as to how best to support your customer.


Being able to accurately predict the needs of customers is just one application that the latest data analytics tools can enable. An increasing number of organisations are now turning towards predictive analytics to increase their bottom line revenues and competitive advantage. 


Why stop there? Although predictive analytics uses historical data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to see what has happened, it is also the key to providing the best assessment of what is likely happen in the future. Our customers are already finding major usage in areas such as fraud detection, reducing market risks, optimising marketing campaigns and improving business operations.

With Liquid Voice in the heart of your system, we know we can provide a better understanding of what is going on in your contact centre and what your customers really want.