Interaction Analytics Solutions for the Public Sector & Education

Interaction Recording for the Public Sector

We are helping many areas of the public sector to capture interactions, transcribe speech to text and then to analyse and share this rich content.

We are helping the education sector to transcribe lectures in real-time, for local governments to understand the citizen experience, for courtrooms to transform how proceedings are captured and reduce the administrative burden on medical practitioners.

Local Government & Social Housing

We enable Local Government and Social Housing organisations to capture every interaction they are having with their citizens and tenants regardless of whether these be over voice, email, text or web-chat.

By creating a single pane of glass onto every conversation we help you to truly understand the end-to-end citizen experience. By applying smart interaction analytics we are able to identify key insights and trends to help you continually improve services and align them to the citizens you serve.



Best Practice Guide: Leveraging Interaction Capture & Analytics in Education & The Public Sector

Take a look at our Best Practice Guide highlighting how we are helping educational establishments to leverage speech-to-text technology to add value to students.


Our ability to accurately transcribe voice to text in real-time is helping to transform the education sector. We are able to transcribe lectures and teaching sessions to provide subtitles to presentations to assist hearing impaired students or those where English is not their first language.

Through the same process we are able to automatically generate comprehensive learning notes as well as a multimedia recording of the teaching session. By utilising the content to tag each session, we are able to smartly index recordings and make it easy for students to search and retrieve the learning material they require.



Courtrooms and Interview Rooms

We provide both courtrooms and those managing interview rooms with a highly reliable and secure way to capture proceedings whether that be utilising voice, video or any form of media share.

Our ability to automate the process of accurately transcribing voice into text is helping court rooms to reduce the cost of manual transcription, and the fact that we are able to do this in real-time and deliver this to any device is helping the legal profession to gain access to the information they require faster.




With more and more consultation with healthcare practitioners now being conducted over the phone or via video, we are helping providers to capture each and every interaction with patients.

The ability to transcribe these consultations or triage calls in real-time is not only reducing the burden on practitioners to write-up notes, but is enabling vital information to be categorised, securely stored and shared more effectively to deliver a connected health service.


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