Proceedings Capture & Transcription

In Courtrooms & Interview Rooms

Transcription Solutions for Courtrooms & Interview Rooms

We are able to capture every word spoken in Courtroom and Interview Room scenarios and securely retain this as admissible evidence and an accurate log of proceedings.

By being able to capture interactions from multiple sources, whether these be microphones or video cameras, a complete and unified picture can be kept. The ability to transcribe audio into text reduces the manual burden and instantly provides a written record, as well as enabling each recording to be accurately tagged based on its content.

Our approach is reducing administrative overheads in court rooms while making information captured in interview and court proceedings far more accessible to those who need it.

SmartCitizen For Court Rooms & Interview Rooms

We are able to capture both voice and video feeds from your court rooms and interview rooms and unify these together to present and accurate and validated record of proceedings, tagging each element of recording with associated date, time and source data.

Our speech analytics capability enables for both audio and video feeds to be transcribed creating a verbatim text-based log of what was said and then enabling this to be analysed and indexed based on key phrases and keyword proximity.

By capturing every court proceeding and interview in this manner simplifies how this is secured, retained and is accessible for those who need it. By comprehensively tagging each recording, it becomes fast to search for what is required and be able to instantly replay it in its entirety or the appropriate section.


  • Voice & Video Recording
  • Voice & Video Transcription
  • Search & Replay


  • Voice & Video Recording
  • Voice & Video Transcription
  • Search & Replay

Best Practice Guide: Leveraging Interaction Capture & Analytics in Education & The Public Sector

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The Benefits Delivered

There are significant benefits for court rooms and interview rooms in deploying Liquid Voice speech technology:

Secure Proceeding Capture – utilising highly reliable digital capture of both voice and video, ensuring the best possible quality and then securely retaining this.

Reducing Manual Transcription Burden – by utilising highly accurate speech-to-text technology to automate the transcription process reducing the cost of manual transcription and the inevitable errors.

Instant Availability – by transcribing court proceedings and interviews in real-time we are able to securely and immediately make both the recording and the verbatim transcriptions available to those who need them.

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