Real-Time Assistance For Agents

Expertly guiding them through
every customer engagement

Real-Time Agent Assistance

You constantly strive to create the perfect agent that is able to spot every opportunity with customers, is able to answer any query, and do all of this in the most optimum way. We can’t guarantee to make every agent an expert, but Real-Time Intelligence can provide them with the equivalent of an expert assisting them on every call.

Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence enables you to understand the conversations in your contact centre as they are happening and leverage this to prompt the agent with expert guidance.

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See How Real-Time Intelligence Works

We would love to walk you through a demonstration of Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence so you can see how we can understand conversations and guide your agents through delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Real-Time Intelligence for Contact Centre Agents

We enable you to define those trigger words and phrases that are important and to create the prompts for your agents to assist them. Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence then listens diligently to customer conversations and when these triggers are detected we pop-up the necessary guidance and track that it is being followed.

With Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence you are also able to address customer satisfaction by defining the warning signs and automatically picking these up and prompting the agent to act. It may be trigger words, it may be the mention of a competitor; each phrase can action a different prompt for your agent.

We also address the challenges your agents have navigating screens and applications to serve the customer. By understanding the conversation in real-time, we are able to predict what the agent needs and automatically send triggers to the agent desktop to display the information they need or take them to the required screen.

All of these factors guide the agent down the most optimum path for each call and ensures the right outcome is delivered every time.


  • Real-Time Speech Analytics
  • Agent Prompts
  • Real-Time Customer Satisfaction
  • Predictive Navigation


  • Real-Time Speech Analytics
  • Agent Prompts
  • Real-Time Customer Satisfaction
  • Predictive Navigation
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Solution Guide: Real-Time Intelligence

Our Solution guide provides you with more information on how Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence can help assist your agents, reducing call durations, increasing first call resolutions and generating happier customers.

The Benefits of Real-Time Agent Assistance

By utilising Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence you are able to expertly assist your agents and improve their performance and the customer experience on every single call; this has significant benefits.

Increasing Productivity – with agents following an optimum call flow enabling them to handle more calls each and every day.

Reducing Repeat Calls – by ensuring that agents are able to resolve more enquiries first time, significantly reducing the number of repeat calls into your centre.

Better Customer Experiences – by allowing the agent to focus on the customer conversation and knowing they are being guided through the call and automatically navigated to the information and screens they need.

Let’s Discuss What Real-Time Intelligence Can Do For You

Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence can transform your contact centre and the way you equip your agents to deal with every type of customer conversation.

We would be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and walk you through how our solution can help you.

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