Real-Time Compliance

Ensuring Every Contact Centre Call
is Compliant

Real-Time Compliance For Contact Centres

Your contact centre has to ensure that every customer interaction is fully compliant. This involves extensive training for agents and having your supervisors or compliance team conducting post-call reviews and time-consuming preparation for audits.

With Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence, you can change this. We utilise real-time speech analytics to manage compliance while the call is still in progress. We understand each conversation, flag to the agent the compliance statements that need to be covered and even track that they have fully relayed this information before the call ends.

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See for yourself, Real-Time Compliance

We invite you to see for yourself how compliance can be efficiently and effectively managed during each call. See how keywords and phrases can be spotted, agents prompted with appropriate compliance statement and their progress tracked.

Real-Time Intelligence for Compliance

Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence takes the cost and time overhead away from compliance by fully managing and verifying this during the agent and customer conversation.

By transcribing calls while they are happening, we are able to spot those keywords and phrases that trigger the need for compliance. We automatically prompt the agent with the compliance statements that they are required to provide.

We then take this even further, by tracking the progression through these compliance statements for accuracy and completeness. Agents are provided with a visual cue showing them which parts of the statement they have completed and what is outstanding, and we can ensure that each call is fully compliant before it ends.

This reduces the need for extensive compliance training, removes the need for post-call reviews and simplifies auditing of compliance.


  • Real-Time Keyword & Phrase Spotting
  • Agent Compliance Prompts
  • Compliance Progress Indicators
  • Compliance Verification


  • Real-Time Keyword & Phrase Spotting
  • Agent Compliance Prompts
  • Compliance Progress Indicators
  • Compliance Verification
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Solution Guide: Real-Time Intelligence

Please take a look at our Solution Guide that provides you with more information on how Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence transforms contact centre compliance and the benefits it delivers.

The Benefits of Real-Time Compliance

Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence changes how your contact centre can manage compliance and delivers significant benefits:

Reduce Agent Training – with in-call assistance in place, you reduce the need for extensive compliance training and update training for agents.

Reduce Post-Call Reviews – by automating the process of checking that calls are compliant we remove the need for supervisors or compliance teams to conduct post-call reviews.

Auditable Compliance Log – by ensuring that every call has stepped through the compliance requirements and logging this, we significantly reduce the effort required for compliance auditing.

Improve Customer Experience – by ensuring that each call follows best practice and the customer is fully aware of the information that is deemed to be important.

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