Real-Time Intelligence

Empowering Agents & Ensuring Compliance

Real-Time Intelligence For Contact Centres

Liquid Voice is leading the way in leveraging the advances in speech technology to deliver real-time intelligence to contact centre agents. This is having a transformational impact, empowering agents to deliver better customer experiences, significantly reducing agent training time and addressing the risk and cost associated with compliance.

Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence is able to accurately transcribe calls in real-time to understand what is being said. Prompting agents on key compliance statements, guiding them through up-sell opportunities, assisting them with objection handling and even pre-empting which screens they need to go to next.

Seeing Is Believing: Request A Demo

We find that the easiest way to understand the true capabilities of Real-Time Intelligence is to see it in action. This allows you to quickly understand how easy it is to tailor to your needs; how intuitive it is to use and visualise the impact it can have on your contact centre.

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Ensuring Compliance in Real-Time

Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence reduces the cost and overhead of compliance by managing this while the call is in progress. We are able to identify which compliance statements are required during a call and instantly prompt the agent with these. We are then able to track their progression through each statement, visually highlighting this and ensuring that no call is completed without being fully compliant.

Real-Time Assistance for Agents

With Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence you are able to provide every agent with an expert watching over them.

By understanding what is being said during the interaction with the customer, we are able to automatically guide the agent, prompting them on how to solve a particular enquiry, highlighting cross-sell opportunities, addressing objections and even pre-empting what they need and pushing the relevant information or screen to their desktop.


  • Real-Time Compliance
  • In-Call Agent Assistance
  • Real-Time Customer Satisfaction
  • Pre-Emptive Navigation


  • Real-Time Compliance
  • In-Call Agent Assistance
  • Real-Time Customer Satisfaction
  • Pre-Emptive Navigation
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Best Practice Guide: How Real-Time Intelligence Will Transform Contact Centres & Compliance

Our Best Practice Guide outlines how advances in speech technology is enabling you to understand agent conversations in real-time and utilise this to deliver better customer experience and take the work out of compliance.

The Benefits of Real-Time Intelligence

Liquid Voice Real-Time Intelligence addresses the priorities in contact centres and as such, delivers significant return on investment through benefits that include:

Reduce Call Duration – by guiding agents along the optimum path and quickly providing them with the information they need. With Real-Time Intelligence, agents are simply able to answer more calls per day.

Increase First Call Resolutions – by empowering agents to solve more customer enquiries first time, significantly reducing repeat calls and overall demand on the contact centre.

Reduce Cost of Compliance – by guiding agents and automating compliance checks while the calls are in progress, removing the need for post-call reviews.

Reduce Agent Training Time – by providing agents with in-call guidance, significantly reducing the time they need to spend in the classroom.

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