eBook: Not all call recording solutions are equal

5 priority areas your company needs to get right

In the modern era though, the contact centre has morphed, both physically and technologically from being a standalone department, to being intertwined with many other lines of business. In this context, simply collecting and replaying contact centre data is no longer enough. In fact, it’s the very minimum expected.

With so many operators, and so many products on the market however, it’s easy to become blind to what really matters to the business, to regulators and to your customers. It’s with this in mind that we’ve created this guide to understanding the priorities you need to think about when selecting your Interaction recording and Analytics platform.

We cover why:

  • Many organisation’s PCI-DSS ‘compliance’ is sub-par
  • Call outcome tagging adds value and context to your data
  • Recording the contact centre alone is rarely enough
  • Ignoring Legacy data is fraught with risk
  • Long-term, centralised storage data storage is so important

Not all call recording solutions are equal - Liquid Voice eBook

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