Supporting Virtual Contact Centres

Call Recording for Home Working Agents

With your agents working from home, you have lost your ability to walk the floor and know exactly what is going on. Recording every interaction your agents have with your customers is more important than ever before.

You need to be able to review quality, ensure compliance and gain valuable insight into changing customer needs and preferences during these challenging times.

This Best Practice Guide outlines what is possible in terms of call recording and interaction analytics and how contact centres can leverage this to ensure customers receive the best possible experience while you provide the support your agents need and look after their wellbeing.

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Imagine Cruising Case Study


When the pandemic hit Imagine Cruising were forced to close their Perth contact centre and have their agents work from home. At the same time they experienced a 500% increase in demand from concerned customers that they needed to respond to.

Liquid Voice assisted Imagine Cruising to make the transition to home working ensuring that the continued to record every call and remained compliant with PCI DSS.

Let’s talk

If the move to home working has stopped you recording calls, or you are looking to deploy call recording to support home working let us help you understand your options.

We are more than happy to connect you with one of our specialists to walk you through what is possible with your existing environment or how recording would work with a cloud contact centre platform.