Liquid Voice Unveils AILSA, the AI-Powered Analytics Assistant Driving Efficiency and Intelligence

The realm of customer service is about to experience a paradigm shift with the advent of Liquid Voice’s AILSA, a virtual personal assistant designed to elevate the contact centre agent experience and analytical capabilities. In this article, we delve into how AILSA is reshaping contact centre operations and intelligence. We’ll also explore the potential return on investment (ROI) that businesses can realise through the deployment of this next-generation solution.



You’re first probably wondering who AILSA is. That’s a fair question. AILSA is Liquid Voice’s newly developed AI-powered personal assistant empowering customer service agents with next-generation interaction analytics, and depending on the system being used, real-time insight. In layman’s terms, the Robin to Batman, if Robin was capable of transcribing different languages, rapidly analysing data, and integrating with Liquid Voice’s full recording, quality management and analytics solution suite.


Understanding AILSA’s Role in Contact Centres

AILSA, unlike chatbots and other commonly used AI products, can guide you as a manager or supervisor of a contact centre by providing more transparent agent performance analytics and uncovering workforce knowledge gaps and training opportunities. AILSA also enhances the capabilities of contact centre agents as well as sales individuals and leaders through better interaction analytics. Understanding more about a customer interaction, and rapidly spreading this insight to every stakeholder required speeds up operations and improves overall BI. AILSA’s functionalities include automated call summaries, quick-fire insights generated in response to ad-hoc bespoke queries, and seamless integration with Liquid Voice’s single pane of glass analytical dashboard and quality management solution, as well as many other BI platforms or data visualisers. Moreover, AILSA extends its reach beyond traditional call handlers, connecting with next-generation voice and video transcription for comprehensive support in diverse omnichannel customer interactions.


Efficiency and Analysis at the Core

📋 Bespoke Call Summaries: AILSA’s automated call summaries streamline the post-interaction process for agents, providing a concise overview of customer conversations. This feature significantly reduces manual effort and enhances the efficiency of agents. Agents, and their managers, can get very granular with these summaries too. Whether it’s a request to summarise the call in 5 words, summarise the intent of the call, or explain the customer’s situation and what the priorities are, AILSA can handle it.

We estimate that through this alone, up to 25% of an agent’s time can be saved and instead spent on more interactions or training.

📑 Quick-Fire Insights: AILSA empowers agents and quality managers to seek instant insights by posing custom questions. The ability to receive rapid, data-driven responses facilitates quicker decision-making and ensures a more proactive approach to customer service. This gives agents the ability to highlight calls with vulnerable customers, to ensure they get the additional support they require. These insights can also fuel trend analysis of first-call resolutions, upsells and sales, or missed opportunities, unlocking continuous quality improvement.

Quality Management: AILSA provides the capability to check agent quality automatically and rapidly identify knowledge gaps and training opportunities in agents. With features like agent performance data visualisation, historic trend analysis and vulnerability detection, quality managers can ensure the CX is consistently exceptional, all customer-facing staff are operating with best practices, and all agents are supported as and when required.

📊 Integration with Analytical Dashboard: AILSA seamlessly integrates with Liquid Voice’s analytical dashboard, creating a cohesive and centralised platform for comprehensive data analysis. This single pane of glass view enables a holistic understanding of customer interactions, agent performance, and overall contact centre efficiency. We call this “hearing the full picture”. Out of the box, we integrate with PowerBI and Tableau so you can visualise this data, but we also provide the ability to export data into your preferred BI platform. There’s also the option of having this data exported as raw text or JSON. It’s flexible insight, just the way you want it.


True Omnichannel Analysis

AILSA’s integration with next-generation voice and video transcription broadens its utility beyond traditional call handling. It becomes a versatile tool capable of assisting anyone involved in customer interactions, contributing to a more interconnected and efficient contact centre ecosystem. From phone calls to video to radio comms, AILSA can analyse it, and conduct trend analysis.

Further to this, our transcription technology is more accurate than a human, so it’s actually better than the “real thing”! Our engine has been tested against the best and most well-known systems in the world and is consistently at the top. Particularly for regional dialects and other languages, AILSA is better than a highly experienced human transcriber at deciphering the content of any customer interaction.


Measuring ROI in Contact Centres

The implementation of AILSA brings tangible benefits to contact centres, leading to potential ROI in various aspects.

Operational Efficiency

AILSA’s automated features reduce manual workload for agents, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks. This operational efficiency translates to cost savings and improved overall productivity.

Enhanced Agent Experience

By streamlining processes and providing quick insights, AILSA contributes to a more positive agent experience. Improved job satisfaction can lead to reduced turnover rates, further contributing to long-term cost savings.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The integration with Liquid Voice’s analytical dashboard equips contact centres with valuable, data-driven insights. Informed decision-making based on comprehensive analytics can lead to more effective strategies and improved CSAT rates.

Scalability and Versatility

AILSA’s ability to connect with our transcription technology enhances its scalability and versatility. This adaptability ensures that contact centres can leverage the solution across a spectrum of customer interaction channels, and with such accuracy, local dialects and other languages are no match. Therefore, AILSA can support every interaction, not just a portion of them.


This is The Future of Contact Centres

Liquid Voice’s AILSA emerges as a game-changer in the contact centre landscape, redefining how agents operate and analyse customer interactions. With automated bespoke call summaries, real-time transcription, quick-fire insights, and seamless analytical integrations into whichever BI platform or format you’d want to visualise your data in, AILSA introduces a new era of efficiency and intelligence.

The potential ROI makes AILSA a strategic investment for any organisation looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving customer service landscape. As businesses navigate the demands of modern CX, AILSA stands as a testament to the transformative power of intelligent artificial assistance in driving excellence and achieving measurable results. Reduce AHT. Improve FCR. Step up with AILSA.


If you’d like to see AILSA in action, one of our experts will gladly give you a demo. Find out more by clicking here.